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As the year 2018 began the Troop was able to reclaim success. The events began with the appointment of new Office Bearers at the Court of Honour.

Troop Officials:

Troop Leader : K.M.A.I. Kulatunga
Asst. Troop Leader : A.F.A. Nishad
Scribe : S.K. Jayatilleke
Assistant Scribe : B.V.M.A. Jayasinghe
Treasurer : N.L.B. Purijjala
Assistant Treasurer : D.T. Francke
Quarter Master : P. C. Sivakumara
Asst. Quarter Master : N. Mediwaka
Badge Secretarie : I.C. Ranawella
Assistant Badge Secretary : K.M.G.H. Kulatunga
D.J. Roy
Web master : S.J. Jayatilleke

Patrol Leaders:

Eagle Patrol : M.A.M. Ali
Leopard Patrol : I.S. Kaluarachchi
Kingfisher Patrol : O.S. Samaraweera
Bear Patrol : S.Y.S. Anthonisz
Shark Patrol : M. Gurusinghe

Term I

2018 marking a 100 years at Mount, also marked a busy start of the year for the scouts, seemingly almost immediately after the new Troop officials were appointed at the Court of Honour, which was held on the 6th of January. They were tasked with the construction of the 100 years at Mount entrance which saw three renditions through three days of toil by the Senior Scouts, who were to have it prepared by the 27th.

With the exception of Saturday Scouting meetings, the next event on the calendar was President’s Evaluation Camp held from the 2nd to the 4th of March at Kaduwela. Six of our Senior Scouts attended this camp and went on to pass this evaluation process.

Up next was the Troop Holiday Camp held at Bulathsinhala, Horana held from the 7thto the 11th of April. A total of 40 scouts attended the camp. The terrain and the environment of the campsite enabled the junior scouts to learn and develop their skills.

Term II

Saturday Scouting programmes were primarily focussed on during this term to capitalise on the new-found experiences of the scouts after the Annual Holiday Camp.

The Troop Night was held on the 8th and 9th of June at the Scout Room during which our Scouts developed many attributes such as leadership and teamwork. This was followed by a beach programme the next day.

On the 9th of June, 5 of our scouts were sent in response to the invitation for 5th Colombo Ranger’s Company’s (Ladies College) event, titled ‘Imprint’. This event served as a means of strengthening the bonds between the Colombo Scouts and Guides, and had us spend the day taking part in various activities.

The Col. C.P. Jayawardena shield and the Mayor’s flag competitions, which are the most prestigious competitions for Scouts in the Colombo District, took place on the 23rd and the 24th of June at the Lee Dassanayake campsite in Meerigama. Our Senior Scouts and Junior Scouts trained tirelessly and their efforts paid off. Both teams emerged victorious while the Col. C.P. Jayawardena Team emerged champions for the 10th consecutive year. The teams were as follows:

Col. C.P. Jayawardena Competition:   

  1. K.M.G.H. Kulatunga (Patrol Leader)
  2. P.C. Sivakumar (Assistant Patrol Leader)
  3. J.S. Fernando
  4. D.T. Francke
  5. O.S. Samaraweera
  6. M.A.M. Ali

Mayor’s Flag Competition:

  1. K.D.K. Perera (Patrol Leader)
  2. H.A.A. Jeza (Assistant Patrol Leader)
  3. D.V.V. Wijesinghe
  4. S.Y.S. Anthonisz
  5. D.C.B. Purijjala
  6. M.A.M. Hakeem
  7. K.D.S. Perera
  8. R.C.N. Fernando
  9. Y.D. Pathinayake
  10. A.J.A. Lafir

The Public Service and Relationship Week commonly known as Job-week was held from the 23rd of June to the 1st of July. Once more, our troop emerged as the highest collectors in the island.

A new activity was introduced to the troop by Mr. Raveen, an instructor of the College troop, in the form of rifle shooting. This aimed to teach scouts how to develop firearms and have a better understanding of the sport. As it stands now, there are plans to introduce scuba diving in 2019.

The main event for the Trinity term was the 53rd Colombo Camporee, which was held from the 10th to the 14th of August at the Viharamahadevi Park. Our scouts went through weeks of toil preparing for the six-day camp. Fifty-four scouts represented our troop at this event and the troop performed exceptionally at this event winning both the pennants awarded at the Camporee. Also, majority of our scouts achieved the Camporee Award during this camp.

Term III

This term proved to be one of the busiest as it saw the troop host the Annual District Swimming Gala, which was held on the 15th of September 2018. Though victory was not on our side, the event was still a resounding success, so far as to being known as one of the best District Swimming Gala to be organised. The success of this event is mainly attributed to the Group Committee and the Old Thomian’s Scout Guild for their constant support and perseverance through the organising process.

Next came the biggest national event for the year; The President’s Scout Award Ceremony held on the 20th of October at the Mahinda Rajapaksa Auditorium in Kandy. A total of 22 Thomian Scouts were awarded their President’s Scout Award at this ceremony.

The Troop Community Project also took place during the Michaelmas term on the 10th of November 2018, during which a beach clean-up was done at the premises of the Mount Lavinia beach. Our scouts worked tirelessly to clear the beach of plastic and other artificial materials. Overall the Community Service Project was a success.

The Going-up Ceremony, the moment in which a cub scout commences his journey as a scout, was held on the 27th of November, at which nearly 20 cub scouts were enrolled as Scouts. The new recruits were given an introduction to Scouting after which they participated in some activities with their new patrols.

On the 1st December the Investiture Ceremony was held and 9 recruits were invested as Scouts in our troop.

The final event for the year was the Annual Patrol Camp, which was held in Horana from the 6th to the 9th of December. The camp was organised by the Patrol Leaders, giving them the opportunity to learn and experience the organisation of events and also to give the opportunity to the junior scouts to take up leadership to develop themselves as future leaders in the troop. Forty-one of our scouts took part in this camp. The scouts were able to learn and enjoy themselves, making the overall camp a success. This was the last event on the calendar and with it the year came to an end.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards our Group Scout Leader, Mr. Beshan Kulapala, our Scout Master, Mr. Vijith De Silva, the Group Committee, the Old Thomian’s Scout Guild, the parents and the scouts, for assisting us throughout the year and being a pillar of support to the troop, to make this year a success.