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As the year 2017 began the Troop was able to reclaim success. The events began with the appointment of new Office Bearers at the Court of Honour.

Troop Officials:

Troop Leader : P. Bandarathilake
Asst. Troop Leaders : H.M.P.D. Palapathwala
D.S. Udage
Scribe : D.S. Samaraweera
Assistant Scribe : T.S. De Silva
Treasurer : V.D. Liyanagamage
Assistant Treasurer : K.M.A.I. Kulatunga
Quarter Master : T. Nelson
Asst. Quarter Master : S. Rajapakse
Badge Secretaries : N.L.B. Purijjala
A.F.A. Nishad
web master : S.K. Jayathilake

Patrol Leaders:

Eagle Patrol : J.S. Fernando
Leopard Patrol : D. Haththotuwa
Kingfisher Patrol : D.H. Karunasena/O.S. Samaraweera
Bear Patrol : S. Jayasinghe
Shark Patrol : S. Saai Syvendra

Term I

The year 2017 commenced on the 21st of January with a with the New Office Bearers taking on the duties of the Troop for the year 2017.

The Seniors of the Troop organized the Annual Patrol Leaders Training Camp from the 8th – 9th of January. A total of 20 Scouts took part in this camp which took place at the Scout Room.  Leadership, character, conduct, discipline, teamwork and unity were the key aspects which this camp concentrated on building. This was an immense success and brought a strong leadership mentality among the group of Junior Scouts.

The School Prize Giving for 2017 was held on the 3rd of February and awards were won by the following Scouts.

  1. The Arthur Abeysekera Memorial Trophy for Efficiency in Scouting :  P. Ajith
  2. The A.L. Victor Memorial prize for the Best Scout : B.C.C.G. De Silva

W.H.S Fernando

  1. Prize for the Best Junior Scout in Memory of Mr. W.H. Pereira : K.M.A.I. Kulatunga
  2. The Samson Thenabadu Trophy for the Most Promising Junior Scout : A.F.A. Nishad

The Presidents Evaluation Camp organized by the District was held from the 24th to the 26th of February. The Senior Scouts that Attended this camp gained the training and knowledge needed in order to become a president scout.

Next event in the Troop calendar was the Troop Camp held from the 7th – 11th April at Welimada. A lot of hard work was put in by the Senior Scouts towards the success of this camp. This Camp was a Training Camp for the Junior Scouts for Survival and Leadership and it was a very successful Training Camp. This Camp Molded the Junior Scouts to take Leadership and be confident in the Future.

Term II

The District Patrol Leaders’ Training Course took place from the 26th to the 28th of  May at Defense Service College, Colombo. The Scouts who attended this camp gained knowledge in leadership.

The Investiture Ceremony was Held on the 10th of June where 11 scouts got invested by recieving the college scarf and Membership badges for the first time.

The next big event in the Term 2 calendar was the Scout Service & Relationship Week held from the 16th – 25th July. After two weeks of sweat and hard work the Troop once again emerged the “Highest Collectors of the Island” – an achievement that have continued to retain for the past few years.

A Troop Night was organized on the 11th and 12th of August by the Senior Scouts at the scout room premises. This event was a success with the a participation of 50 Scouts. The scouts who participated in this program learned team work , leadership and logical thinking through this camp.

Term III

The Michealmas term commenced with the much awaited District Competitions at which the troop has been triumphing for the past few years. The Brig. C.P. Jayawardena Challenge Shield awarded to the Best Senior Scout Troop of the District and the Mayors’ Flag for the best Junior Scout Troop of the District were both held at Payagala, Kalutara on the 23rd and 24th of September in which the CPJ team emerged Champions while The Mayor’s Flag team emerged 4th at this year’s Competition. The Senior team emerged victorious and crowned as Champions for the 10th consecutive year winning this years competition with a 200 point margin beating many other Scout Troops.

The C.P. Jayawardena team comprised of:

  1. S. Samaraweera – Captain
  2. K.M.A.I. Kulathunga
  3. K.M.G.H Kulathunga
  4. A.F.A Nishad
  5. N.L.B Purijjala
  6. S.K. Jayathilake

The Mayor’s Flag team comprised of:

  1. O.S. Samaraweera – Captain
  2. M.A.M. Ali
  3. K.D.K. Perera
  4. H.A. Jeza
  5. S.Y.S. Anthonisz
  6. M. Gurusinghe
  7. D.V.V. Wijesinghe
  8. D.C.B Purijjala

The final District Competition for the year, the District Swimming Meet took place at the British school in Colombo on the 16thof September. Sending a selected few Scouts the Troop was able to emerge 4th at the meet.

The Colours Award Ceremony was held on the 15th of November and the following Scouts were awarded Colours for Scouting for achieving the prestigious “President Scout Award”.

  • P. Bandaratilleke
  • H.M.P.D Palapathwala
  • D.S. Udage
  • D.S. Samaraweera
  • V.D. Liyanagamage
  • S. Rajapakse
  • T.S. De Silva
  • B.V.R.A. Jayasinghe
  • I. Suhayb
  • W.T.G. Kalana Kulshan
  • R.N.W.A. De Silva

The two Special awards for Scouting too was awarded on this day to the following Scouts.

The Earnest Ranjan Solomon Memorial Challenge for the Most Promising Scout

-K.M.A.I Kulathunga

The Johnson Challenge Cup for the Best Patrol Leader – Junior

-S.Saai Syvendra

The Annual Patrol Camp took place from the 2nd to the 5th of November at Minuwangoda. This Camp was mainly for the Junior Scouts to learn to take Responsibility, Organize Events and take Leadership. It Was a Very Successful camp and the Seniors and Instructors were extremely satisfied with the Camp, this being the First Camp Organized by the Patrol Leaders and the Middle 6 Batch of Scouts.

Possibly the most important and final event of the term was the 52nd Colombo Scout Camporee which was held from the 9th – 13th of December at Ygro Campsite Madampe.After weeks of planning and hard work the Troop was able to construct prominent camp gadgets, the kitchen and tower structures. The hard work put in by the Scouts was very much appreciated by everyone who visited our campsite. Further the Troop was able showcase high camping standards by winning both the pennants at the camp.

Our most sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to the Warden Revd. Marc Billimoria, the Sub Warden Mr.Asanka Perera ,the Prefect of Games Mr.Lakmaal De Zoysa ,Scout Masters Mr.Vijith De Silva and Mr.Beshan Kulapala, the Group Committee led by Mr. Senaka de Fonseka and the Instructors of the Troop together with Parents of Scouts and finally the Scouts for their continuous dedication and participation towards the success of the College Scout Troop.