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As the year 2015 began, the Troop was able to reclaim great success. The events began with the appointment of new office bearers at the Court of Honour.

Troop Officials:

Troop Leader : P.R. Wanigasooriya
Asst. Troop Leader : A.Q.H. Muheed
Scribe : P. Ajith
Assistant Scribe : R.N.W.A. De Silva
Co- Treasurers : P. Ajith
B.C.C.G. De Silva
Badge Secretary : B.C.C.G. De Silva
Asst. Badge Secretary : R.N.W.A. De Silva
Quarter Master : W.T.G. Kalana Kulshan

Patrol Leaders:

Eagle Patrol : B.V.R.A. Jayasinghe
N.L.B. Purijjala
Leopard Patrol : T.S. De Silva
K.M.A.I. Kulathunga
Kingfisher Patrol : P. Bandaratillele
D.J. Roy
Bear Patrol : V.H. Liyanage
B.V.M.A. Jayasinghe
Shark Patrol : M.T.K. Hameen
A.F.A. Nishad

Term I

The year commenced by felicitating the 19th Warden Revd. Marc Billimoria on the 20th January following with the Group Committee meeting and dinner.

The next event the Troop had to look forward was the St. John’s Ambulance Training Course on the 7th & 8th of February. Approximately 30 Scouts took part at this course and they were evaluated on the knowledge of First Aid. At the end of the day the Scouts received certificates from the St. John’s headquarters for completing the course.

The next event in the Scout calendar was the Colombo Scout Youth Forum held from the 27th February to the 1st of March at Meth Arena Centre, Athurugiriya. 8 Scouts from 16th Colombo Scout Troop took part at this event and gained several knowledge on innovative leadership, communication & social media and peace. One of a delegates W.H.S. Fernando was selected to be a part of the Colombo Scout Youth Council.

The next event was the Troop Movie Night. This was the first time an event of this sort was organized. Held on the 20th to 21st February, the Scouts and the recruits were shown “Night at the Museum” followed by a BBQ dinner. This event was greatly enjoyed by the Junior Scouts and led them to involve more in Scouting.

The event that brought conclusion was the Training camp organized after a lapse of 5 years. The camp held at the Lee Dassanayake Scout Centre, Meerigama from the 22nd – 26th April. Sincere thanks goes to our new Scout Master Mr. Vijith De Silva for the support given throughout the camp. This camp turned out to be a tremendous success as it provided unforgettable memories.

Term II

The second term began with the District Avurudhu Celebrations held on the 25th of May at Sports Ministry Grounds. The Scouts took part in many traditional games and bragged many prizes.

The next major event was the Scout Service and Relationship Week. After two weeks of hard work and sweat the Troop once again emerged the “Highest Collectors of the Island” – an achievement that they have continued to retain for the past few years.

The next important event was the District competitions in which the Tropp has been triumphing for the past several years. Brig. C.P Jayawardena Challenge Shield for the Best Senior Scout Troop and Mayors’ Flag for the Best Junior Scout Troop, both held at Payagala, Kalutara on the 13th to 14th June. The Scouts were tested on mapping, tracking, backwoods, estimation etc. It is notable that the Mayors Flag team was able bring back the flag after a lapse of one year proving that they would never give up. The Brig. C.P Jayawardena emerge victorious retaining the shield for the 7th consecutive year. The both teams are as follows,

Mayor’s Flag Team:

K.M.G.H. Kulathunga (Captain)
A.F.A. Nishad
B.V.M.A. Jayasinghe
N.L.B. Purijjala
J.S. Fernando
S. Saai Syvendra
S.R. Jayasinghe
K.D.K. Perera

Brig. C.P Jayawardena Team:

A.Q.H. Muheed (Captain)
P. Ajith
B.C.C.G. De Silva
W.T.G. Kalana Kulshan
V.H. Liyanage
K.M.A.I. Kulathunga

The next event in the Scout calendar was the World Scout Jamboree held from the 26th July to the 8th August at Yamaguchi, Japan. The World Jamboree is held once in four years and the Scouts gained a whole new experience. Approximately 34,000 Scouts & Leaders participated all around the world. The Jamboree was a global village participants discovered and experienced and learnt the integration of tradition, cutting – edge technology and peace building efforts. It was a once in a lifetime experience participating as a Scout.

Nine Scouts from 16th Colombo Scout Troop participated and the names are as follows,

P. Ajith
B.C.C.G. De Silva
R.N.W.A. De Silva
D. Palapathwala
D.S. Udage
D.S. Samaraweera
B.V.R.A. Jayasinghe
M.I. Suhayb
B.V.M.A. Jayasinghe

Possibly the most important and final event of the term was the 50th Colombo District Scout Camporee. Being a camp that spanned for five days from the 26th to the 30th August at Shastrananda Maha Vidyalaya, Dehiwela. The Scout Troop was able to build prominent camping gadgets, earning credit for their skills. The troop was able to showcase high camping standards yet again and were awarded two Golden Pennants for this.

Term III

The third term began the final District competition for the year was the District Swimming Meet at the Ananda College swimming pool on the 3rd October. Sending a select few Scouts to participate in the event the Troop were able to emerge runners up amidst tough competition.

The next major event was the Annual Troop Community Service Project held on the 31st October at the Deaf and Blind School, Ratmalana. The project was an immense success by inviting many other schools. The Scouts were able to entertain the disable students while they realised how fortunate we were born without illness. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Ishan Jalil who conducted useful sessions with the disable students. Overall the project was appreciated by all those who attended.

The final event in the Troop calendar was the Patrol Camp held from the 17th – 20th December at S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa. A lot of hard work was put in by the Patrol Leaders towards the success of this camp. A camp of this nature enabled the juniors to take part in active planning. The camp left a lasting impression on all the Scouts.

Our most sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to the Warden Revd. Marc Billimoria, Group Scout Leader Mrs. Wathsala Wijewickrama, Scout Leader Mr. Vijith De Silva, the Group Committee led by Mr. Senaka de Fonseka, The Director of Sports Mr. Sisira De Silva, all the Instructors of the Troop, parents of Scouts and finally the Scouts for continuous dedication and participation towards the success of the Scout Troop of College.