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1st Term: 

Troop Officials:

Troop Leader : M.F. Faisal
Asst. Troop Leaders : G. Neelaghandan
    H.N.G Soysa
Scribe : S. R. Faber
Treasurer : G. Neelaghandan
Quarter Master : H.N.G. Soysa
Asst. Quarter Master : R.R. Anandakrishnan
Badge Secretary : P. Ahalangan
Web Master : R.R. Anandakrishnan

Patrol Leaders:

Eagle Patrol : P. Ajith
Leopard Patrol : B.C.C.G. De Silva
Kingfisher Patrol : P. Ahalangan / W.T.G. Kalana Kulshan
Bear Patrol : R.N.W.A. De Silva
Shark Patrol : J.J. Kamalanujan / N.P. Edirisinghe

The year 2013 was yet another eventful and successful year for Scouting at College. The first task for the year was to increase the number of Scouts in the Troop. This was achieved through the distribution of illustrative notices to the middle school students which later saw an increase in numbers.

The first event on the calendar was the re-launching of the Rover Scout Troop: a segment of the Troop which consists of past Scouts who provide advice and function independently taking part in various activities initiated by the headquarters and also organizing programs for the benefit of Scouts. A Rover Crew had existed in the 1970’s in the Troop, and had later died away due to various reasons. Hence, a new Rover Crew was freshly formed with the Scouts who had recently left the Troop. This event was held on the 9th of February. At this occasion, a new Scholarship for the Scouts was initiated in memory of Mr. Wilson Muttiah, a long-standing Scoutmaster of the Troop to recognize the “Most Deserving Scout”. S.C. Gajanayaka was awarded the first Scholarship in this regard. This award is to be an encouragement for the Scouts to perform better in the future.

The next major event for the term was the holiday camp organized by the Troop which was held in the hilly regions of Sri Lanka, Hatton from the 27th of April to 1st of May. A holiday camp of this sort was held to take the brotherhood to a whole new level.

2nd Term: 

Troop Officials:

Troop Leader : G. Neelaghandan
Asst. Troop Leader : H.N.G. Soysa
Scribe : S.R. Faber
Treasurer : S.R. Faber
Quarter Master : R.R. Anandakrishnan
Asst. Scribe : T.S. Rajan
Co-Badge Secretaries : B.C.C.G. De Silva
    P. Ajith
Web Masters : R.R. Anandakrishnan
    S.G. Illamanathan

The first district competition for the year was the Cub and Scout Sports Gala for Bartleet’s Trophy. The Scouts did their best in the event and were able to become the second runners up. Soon after the Sports Gala, the Scouts had to take part in rendering service to the community as it was the Service and Relationship Week – commonly known as Job Week. The Group recorded a huge collection this year, and was recognized as the “Highest Collectors in the Island”.

Next in line were two most important competitions: C.P. Jayawardena Challenge Shield for the Best Senior Scout Troop and the Mayor’s Flag for the Best Junior Scout Troop, both of which were held at Science College on the 6th of July 2013. The Scouts were tested on tracking, mapping, compass marching, backwoods, cooking etc. and recorded a noteworthy achievement by retaining the shield for the 5th consecutive year and the flag for the 8th consecutive year.

The last event for the term was the patrol camp organized by the patrol leaders which was held at Naula, from the 19th to the 22nd of August. A camp of this nature enabled the juniors to take part in active planning and also to gain confidence in them. This served as a ground to train young Scouts in such aspects.

3rd Term: 

Term 3 proved to be a relaxed one, but still a couple of competitions were left. In this term concentration was given for Saturday Scouting programmes with objectives of improving pioneering skills and ensuring that the juniors had fun.

The next major event for the term was the Community Service Project which was conducted at the Mihindu Sewa Sevana, a home for the disabled warriors. The Scouts were able to entertain the warriors while they realised the value of freedom and peace we all enjoy now and how fortunate we were to be born without illnesses. They also learnt that war is futile and destructs things that take ages to build.

Following this event, the Annual Cubs’ and Scouts’ Swimming Meet was held on the 9th of October at the Defence Services College. The Troop emerged runners up by the joint effort of both Cubs and Scouts.

 Towards the end of the year, from the 4th to the 8th of December, the 50th Colombo Camporee was held at Science College. The Scouts exhibited their unparalleled pioneering skills in constructing camping gadgets, the kitchen and the gateway. The Scouts were able to secure the “Best Campsite” pennant and “Best Performance at Inspection” pennant.

The final event for the year was caroling. This was the first time an event of this sort was organized by a Scout Troop in the island, and was a fresh and “out of the box” experience for all involved. Scouts went around Colombo spreading the Christmas spirit by singing carols at friends’ and well-wishers’ houses.

Our Most sincere thanks go out to the Warden, Sub warden, Group Scout Leader Mrs. Wathsala Wijewickrama, Scout Leader Mr. Suranga Delpagoda, The Group Committee led by Mr. Senaka De Fonseka, the Prefect of Games, the Prefect of Clubs and Societies, all the instructors of the Troop, parents of Cubs and Scouts, well-wishers and finally all the Scouts for their support, dedication and participation rendered for the development of Scouting at College.