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“The Unexpected leaves others Oblivious, but we are an Exception”

– 16th Colombo –

With the vision of creating a better Scout Troop, not simply in winning awards, but seen through a positive change in the character of every one of the 60 scouts. A troop of scouts gathered together to make this vision a reality, they gathered as one family to face every challenge that came their way and successfully triumph over them. Mentioned below is how they did it, this is our story.

The first program was the recruitment of scouts. The existing members encouraged other students to join the scout movement, by inviting them to be a part of many interesting programs organized; recruitment also took place through the going up ceremony held on the 11th of February 2011.

In order to build a solid junior troop a Patrol Leaders’ Training Camp was held on the 5th & 6th of February 2011 at the Scout Room. The prime objective behind the training camp was to enhance the leadership skills of the senior most members, who function as the leaders of the junior troop. This was achieved through the many interesting sessions and leadership games that were carried out. A total of 20 scouts participated in the mentioned event.

With the intention of developing the skills of the senior troop, a Seniors’ Training Camp was also held in the same month. The sessions and training programs were all conducted by the Instructors of the 16th Colombo Scout Troop.

The President’s Scout Evaluation Camp was held from the 28th – 30th of January 2011 at the Salawa campsite in Awissawella, five scouts took part and successfully completed the evaluation program.

A special project of selling car stickers was carried out coinciding with the Old Boys’ week during the month of February. The project was a success as the troop was able to collect a considerable sum of money on this day.

In the month of February, the district organized a special occasion to celebrate B.P.’s Day. Eight of our scouts attended the ceremony, which commenced with a service held at St. Andrew’s Scotskirk Church, Kollupitiya. This was followed by the continuation of a cycle parade commemorating the same, which had commenced from Jaffna and concluded at Moratuwa.

The Colombo District Sports Gala for Scouts and Cub Scouts organized by the Colombo District Scout Association was held on 14th May 2011 at Hendry Pedris Grounds. 16th Colombo emerged as runners-up of the competition, the Scouts performed exceptionally well at their events, winning most of the events including individual events, relays and the tug of war.

With the objective of strengthening the bond between scouts and guides, a special program titled “Meltdown 2011” was organized on the 21st of May 2011. The program brought both the scouts of S.T.C. and many active Guide Companies in the Colombo District under one roof to experience many interesting games, a unique treasure hunt and a cooking competition which was the highlight of the day. This event was a huge success with a turnout of over 50 participants.

With 3 weeks to spare for exam preparation, the 16th Colombo scouts conducted their annual Service and Relation Week from the 28th of May to the 7th of June 2011. 16th Colombo emerged as the “Highest Collectors” of the island. The scouts maintained high levels of discipline and carried the respective tasks to the best of their abilities throughout the week.

The prestigious C.P. Jayawardene Challenge Shield and Mayor’s Flag Competition was held on 16th July 2011 at St. Joseph’s College. With intense training for over a month the 16th Colombo Scout Troop yet again was able to make history by winning both competitions for the 3rd consecutive year. The C.P. Jayawardene Challenge Shield was secured by the Troop for the 3rd consecutive year, while the Mayor’s Flag was retained for the 6th consecutive year. The Mayor’s Flag team comprised J.J. Kamalanujan (Patrol Leader), P. Jathurshan (Asst. Patrol Leader), G. Hamshavathanan, D. Palapathwala, N.P. Edirisinghe, D.S. Samaraweera, M.D.S. Fernando and V.D. Liyanagamage. The C.P.J. team comprised S.C. Gajanayaka (Patrol Leader), M.F. Faizal (Asst. Patrol Leader), A.A. Cader, D.G.D. Colonne, S.R. Faber, N.J. Wickramatilleke, K.A. Sudesh Sanjaya and N.J. Bulathsinghala.

Four Thomian Scouts namely S.C. Gajanayaka, N.J. Bulathsinghala, D.G.D Colonne and T.S Rajan were selected to represent Sri Lanka at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree which was held in Sweden from the 27th of July to the 07th of August 2011.

22nd World Scout Jamboree 2011 – Video:

The Annual Colombo District Camporee was held from the 1st to 5th September 2011, at the Vihara Maha Devi Park coinciding with the Thomian Fair. With sacrifice and determination the Troop managed to put up 2 dunk stalls at the fair and perform exceptionally well in maintaining standards and were awarded with 2 pennants and the title “Best Kitchen” for maintaining high camping standards. This was certainly a test of the toughness of the Scout Troop, as been in both places was certainly a challenge, and took a lot of the boys, but we did it, and cherish every moment of the experience.

48th Colombo Scout Camporee 2011 – Video:

The 16th Colombo was given the opportunity to host the Annual Colombo District Swimming meet for the year 2011, which was held on the 15th of October, at the College swimming pool. A team comprising of 25 scouts took part in the meet and the troop emerged as the “Trophy Category – Runners Up” at this event.

The troop initialized a Planting Project with the objective of promoting environment conservation. The project is manoeuvred by planting foliage in the back garden and on one of the side gardens of the scout room. This project was initiated in relation to the ‘Go Green’ project that is currently been carried out in College.

The Colombo District Patrol Leaders’ Training camp was held on the 21st and 22nd of October 2011 for which 2 of our junior scouts participated. Scout A.A. Cader was selected to represent the Sri Lanka Scout Association at the Asia Pacific Youth Conference in Japan from the 29th October – 6th of November 2011. The Annual Troop Night was held on the 9th -10th of December 2011. This brought together past and present Scouts of all time and was time to immense fun.

Scouts C.D. De Mel, A.A. Cader, S.C. Gajanayaka, N.J. Wikkremathileke and D.G.D. Colonne conducted community service projects in order to help those in need as a requirement in the President’s Scout Award and they have achieved their President’s Scout Awards. The President’s Award is the highest award a scout could achieve while in school.

The troop is furthermore in the process of planning a unique campfire titled “Centennial Flames 2012” to be held in February 2012 to celebrate a centenary of selfless service of Scouting in Sri Lanka and in our College. An event of this nature is being held in College after 2004, when the troop last organized “Tribal Craft” – a unique Scout Exhibition.

Although the year may conclude; the lessons learnt, the bonds built, the character established and the memories gained and the experiences would never leave the hearts of the scouts. Our story would not be complete without acknowledging those who made all of the above possible. We take this opportunity to thank the Warden Rev. J.C. Puddefoot, Sub Warden Mr. Harshana Perera, Acting Warden Rev. Dushyantha Rodrigo, Sub Warden Rev. Marc Billimoria, the Group Committee led by Mr. Senaka De Fonseka, Group Scout Leader Mrs. Wathsala Wijewickrema, Scout Leader Mr. M.R.M. Hamza, Past Scouts, Parents of the Scouts and all Senior and Junior Scouts of the troop for their untiring efforts and contribution towards making the year 2011 a marveling success.

 As a year comes to an end and another year dawns, the legacies left, have yet again proved that the Thomian Scouts stand for none other than uniqueness, skill and perfection.