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Term 1:

The dawn of the last year in this millennium was another year full of expectations for the 16th Colombo Scouts. At the beginning of this term we had a visitor, a fellow Scouter Pete Duchesne from the 65th Ottawa Scout Group of Canada. His visit strengthened the brotherhood among the scouts of two nations.

We had scouting as usual throughout this term the major event was the Training Camp at Mirigama where our scouts were given a proper training for the forthcoming Camporee.

S.S. De Alwis of our troop who participated in the World Jamboree in Chile returned home at the beginning of this term. Some of our scouts, l.U.P. Surriyapperuma, M. Mallawarachchie, C. De Alwis, N.O. Dias, K.P.L. Perera, D.N. Peter, S.N. Peter and A.A. Farook won their President Scout parchments during the course of this term. We would like to congratulate our Master in Charge and G.S.L. Mr. Daniel Edirisinghe who won the Silver Lotus and Bar to the Silver Lion awards for his services for the Scout movement.

Our scouts Participated in the campfire organized by the guides of Vishaka Vidyalaya. They also participated in the B.P.’s day celebrations held at various places in the district. It is very encouraging to note that our scouts provided the opening sequence for the Science Day of College which was held during this term. Finally we would like to thank our Master in Charge and G.S.L. Mr. D. Edirisinghe, Scout Leader Mr. J.P. Dharmasena and the A.S.L.s for all their support and guidance given to us at all times to mold our troop to success.

19th World Scout Jamboree – 1998/9

S. Sanil De Alwis of the 16th Colombo Scout Troop represented Sri Lanka in the 19th World Jamboree Chile. A World Jamboree is held only once in four years and it is indeed a rare opportunity to participate in one.

The Sri Lankan contingent which comprised 10 Scouts and 1 leader left Katunayake on 26th of December 1998. Our first destination was Singapore then we flew to Kuala Lampur. Then we landed twice in South Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town. Then we flew to Buenos Aires and Argentina. Our last stop was Chile. We reached Chile at around 10.00 p.m. on 27th December. We were greeted by the Jamboree officials. There was a special gate for Jamboree participants in the Airport and were taken to the campsite in a bus.

The Jamboree was from the 28th of December ‘98 to the 5th of January ‘99. There were over 50,000 participants including camp officials. The whole campsite was divided no 24 Sub Camps. There were Supermarkets, Banks, Telephone booths, Souvenir Shops inside the campsite. The theme of the Jamboree was ‘Building Peace Together.’

We had a Hike, a Community Service Project, some Global Development programmes and a tour to some factories in Chile. All these activities were done sub camp wise.

After the camp was over we were handed over to some families. We were taken for tours around the city by them they taught us about their customs. They were very friendly people.

We left Chile on the 10th of January. We stopped at Malaysia for three days before we returned to Sri Lanka on the 15th of January.

Term 2:

The second term was another eventful term for the 16th Colombo scouts. During this term our scouts organized a project named “Luau”. This was the “Cook-it-Out” project which was held for the 2nd consecutive year. This time it was held on a Hawaiian style.

The scouts participated in a Campfire organized by the scouts of Royal College and in a one day program organized by the Girl Guides of St. Bridget’s Convent.

The most important event for this term was the Camporee. A lot of preparations were made in order to make this event a success. In fact it was our troop who gained the most points to come first and win pennants for all inspections.

A special mention should be made of one of our Asst. Scout Leaders B.R. Kulapala who was presented the Wood Badge – the highest award for a Scout Leader.

In conclusion we would like to thank our Master-in-Charge & Group Scout Leader Mr. D. Edirisinghe, Scout Leader, Asst, Scout Leaders and Instructors for all their support and encouragement rendered to us at a times.

Term 3:

This being the last term for the year 1999, and for this millennium, it was the last chance for the Thomian Scouts to show their colours in this millennium.

The cricket encounter between the scouts of S. Thomas’ College and Royal College was held on the 2nd of October. However, fortune was not on our side this year as well, for both our senior and junior teams failed to regain the shields.

This year too we were able to organize a project equivalent to last year’s “Sand Storm”. This year, it was named “De Ja ‘Vu” and was a resounding success.

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We were able to have part of the programme at Vila Aqua Pearl, Panadura. This event was followed by the Scout Concert where the crowds witnessed some stunning stage plays and fireworks. Three of our Senior Scouts, S.S. De Alwis, C.T. Fernando and W.D.V. Fernando were awarded the President’s Scout Award which is the highest award for a senior scout, on this occasion. We would like to congratulate them on their performance.

The concert was followed by a dinner to felicitate one of our great Scout Leaders, Beshan Kulapala. We sadly bid farewell to him as he leaves for the U.S.A. to continue with higher studies. We would like to wish him all success and good luck in the future. One of our Senior Scouts W.D.V. Fernando represented Sri Lanka at the 8th National Jamboree of Thailand. C.T. Fernando yet another senior represented the country at the 1st Winter Jamboree at Quebec, Canada.

Once again we like to say a thank you to our Master in Charge and G.S.L., S.L., A.S.L.s and instructors for helping us to live up to our glorious past “The Tribe of the Evening Star”.