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Extracts from the souvenir published for TRIBE OUT 2002:


Jamboree Story: Jayanga

So it finally came, the month of August. The month so many people were waiting for… (For what?) I’ll tell ya, it was the 6th National Jamboree. For some of us “Jamboree” was a real uneasy feeling (Mostly for the people who had been to the previous one). But for others, especially for the juniors it was something really worth looking forward to. We left on route to Balapitiya by bus. It was quite a joyful ride especially when Thunge was there (Thunge is a unique Megabyte character who holds the record for the most number of items possessed, from his shopping spree after every camp). Nevertheless he doesn’t miss any camp (We know why). After having got to Balapitiya, we were wondering whether we were at the right place (Guess!!). At the small area which was allocated by the officials we got ourselves organized and started working on our gadgets. I was in charge of the Kitchen crew & A.D. was in charge of the Tower crew with Udda & Ravindu. Now Building a kitchen at any cost wasn’t an easy job. I had Bimal & Dhineshka in my crew. It really wasn’t an enjoyable experience working out getting BBQ’d under the hot sun (Maru Katta). But towards the evening things got pretty cool & comfy. I had a real tough (but fun) time with the two guys quarrelling & arguing Ajiiiiiith Baaaaaaaaa. But anyway by around 3 a.m. the next day after a lot of hard work and commitment the construction job of both the tower & kitchen was over (Fine with that).

The next day things were a lot easier than the first day. After putting the final touches to the gadgets we went to the showers for a bath. Funny to say but the shower’s unusual behaviour (The water stops pouring in the middle of a bath) was a bit of a problem to everyone. We overcame our problem when our official P.R.O. (guess who!!) became friendly with a very helpful “pani akka” in the neighbourhood who let us use their well. At last that problem was solved. Among our other problems was the lack of H2O for the K.Y.B.O. For this we had to even run back to the campsite from the KYBOs to take drinking water in extreme emergencies (Talking with experience).

Day three was practically an ice day except for the Inspections. Our troop won a pennant for achieving a very high standard at the inspection. Singing & taking each other for a byte was our favourite past time & it was also the guides’ day, so we had quite a number of visitors around (Sachi had a great time for sure). As usual our P.R.O. was in business entertaining the visitors with his famous jokes. Among the prominent personalities at the Jamboree were Janith, popularly known as “Happy Cow” or Moooo. This chap, who was the deputy in charge of gear, plugged into the kitchen (leaving aside all his duties) and started cooking with his best friend Zafar (Apit), who was the Asst. Quartermaster food (The only problem was that they virtually kept doing all the unnecessary things in the kitchen & ultimately got scolded by the G.S.L.).

But fortunately we had our Great Cook or more or less the Quartermaster Food, Daham (Sindu Bindu) in the kitchen. Because of him we were able to eat good food on all the days (So he thinks). The camp doctor D.I. (ping pong) was practically invisible during night due to his dark complexion. But fortunately for us, he had his teeth well brushed, so we could recognize him without much difficulty even during the night. This chap had a very nice time treating S*n*k* even though he never had any illness. (maattu). Janith as usual did all sorts of feats to prove others that he was called mooo for good reasons. (E.g.: Poured hot coriander in to Ravindu’s ear to test his sensors). Now that’s nothing new to us coz we know Mooo very well. Now coming to Indika, our fair but short C.I.S. Man was behind the scene all the time. Favours chatting with the instructors and uses all sorts of bara kadda words (We need dictionaries to figure out what he’s saying). Now did I miss anyone – of course the most important person at the camp (Naturally the camp warden) Sachi. Talking about Sachi, he did a maxxa job icing (just kidding Sachi). To tell the truth he had everything under control, (except for a few cases naturally) showed off the colours of a good leader & set an example to others as a real worthy Scout (He bribed me into saying these).

Day four started off with the usual inspection & we ended up earning another pennant for our high standards. There were many outdoor activities during the day time. But we (The Seniors) were pretty happy to stay at the campsite without going out for activities mainly because we had more fun remaining at the campsite. One such was the Oblix time. (Wander what?) Ahhhhh Mooo……..

Day five was a little special than the other days coz the organizer took us out to various places outside the Jamboree premises. We got the chance to go out on a boat ride in Unawatuna which was included in one of the outings. We were able to get back to the campsite without getting wet despite of the heavy rain we encountered during the tour to Unawatuna. As usual our singing and shouting started at night living up the campsite where else other troops were fast asleep.

Day six was mostly spent sleeping under the tents from morning till evening & eating grub. Autographing the souvenirs & taking photographs were held at the final official day of the Jamboree. The most enjoyable time for us however was the last night. The majestic Senior Special dinner was made by us (duhh…). It was a grand feast & everybody enjoyed the rich food, (comparing with other days it was superb). We made the juniors sleep early and went on with our plans for the night (You know what I mean??). Some went on the souvenir hunt while Ravindu and I made the “Thunge Special” which included all the left overs from dinner) Uhhhhh Yuk! Janith did the proceedings and soon there was a loud roar of laughter from all of us. In the middle of the excitement Bimal fell on our Scout Leader’s tent and it completely fell onto the ground waking up the S.L with a jump (That gave him a shock all right hehe). Ahem, enough of that – now it was the juniors’ turn. Toothpaste, Salon pas, Siddhalepa and Jam were what they got for their treat. That did the trick all right. It sure made us remember the past days, when we were juniors getting the same kind of treatment from the seniors. Face it Juniors – that’s life Hahaha.

Seven wonderful days went by, it was very sad for all of us to think that we had come to the end of such a wonderful period of time filled with laughter & excitement. It was always such a great feeling to be in camp in brotherhood as one family. Even though we had to part we knew that Scouting will keep us as friends & brothers together forever. All the fun & the joyful things that happened in the 6th National Jamboree at Balapitiya will remain in our hearts for many years to come.

“Scouting Is Life” The rest is just details…


Photos of 6th National Jamboree 2002:

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The Kingdom Evolves!

Once a Kingdom, now a Civilization…

The Kingdom of the Lords it was called,
Flourished and prospered under many a lord’s reign,
A kingdom it cannot be passed off as,
But to a thriving civilisation evolved it has.

As a new king was placed on the throne in the year 2k2,
On several cushions he did have to sit,
As the Lords of his court could only hear but not see the king,
The king he is but G.S.L. he aims to be,

As quoted “The future master you shall be…”
The “short” dynasty has been revived.
A deputy was in need and a taller one he did choose,
If he ain’t being seen his deputy shall be,
An artistic one he claims to be,
Brimming full of ideas says he,
But like his name a nought he did get!

Camping did the short one want to go,
A new haunt @ Dambulla did he choose,
A wash out @ the start, yet a success in the end,
Praise the Archon King did receive for the new haunt pleased us all.

Not to be out done, sculpting the Deputy did say,
With dames from 3 lands to play with clay,
The whole scenario rocked to metallic sounds,
Leaving sculpting aside head banging the dames did learn.

Wanting to “Jam”, to Balapitiya they ventured,
The site complained the King, is too small for my stature,
Many a bath did the lords take per day,
The incentive for this was more to do with honey than heat!

The Lords of the Court…

The king’s trusty sidekick is he not?
With a kick of a mule and wrath of a Q.M.,
For the honey sisters he did fall,
Giving a bucket and his addy @ the end if it all.

An expert on lost body parts is he,
Himself reduced to a mere fraction!
Lord of food was he @ Jam said all grub was mine,
Much to the fury of the Lords who thought otherwise.

To take the bull by the horns requires no extraordinary ability,
But a cow with braces is of virtual impossibility,
To fly is his dream he says one day,
Like his cuz who jumped over the moon the other day.

Being doctor and librarian of our land he is never on call,
Treated us @ Jam with no medicine at all,
To flirt he tries but in vain,
Sorry mate, with the Aussie chicks you would have had better gain.

The secretary who handles our money
Knows and knows well to ‘halanna pani’
His one track mind set on the throne,
Is supported by many who like fair stone.

The round turn and two half hitches band they call themselves,
With Witho on drums and Boga on bass, better of calling themselves
“I am a strip-per”, said he, “the bands backup, if all fails”,
With a show like this, the crowd must all males!

While Udda and Rav with a Jam in mind tries to achieve similar fame,
Where as Wanni with da cell tries his best to win a dame,
The fair one of the group is always mourning for his beloved Aj*t*,
They being the future lords of the court, I pity the citizens of the land.

The Lords of the Council…

The fattest of the lot is none other than the carrot lover,
23 years of age and yet to find the dream girl,
We all know why, as he is content with A*h*n,
He leaves us on the 23rd with a heavy heart he says.

The “bent” Lord he is known as best,
‘Dias villa’ being far away,
He says “@ Ro*h*n’s I will stay”
Excuses, excuses, when will he learn?

While his friends were in jail,
He slept dreaming about a certain male,
Known more fondly as Pachan aiyya to a lord in the court,
Hmmm.. .strange but true as the saying goes.

The shortest of them all,
Manages to drive much to the amusement of us all,
A member of the 3310 club,
As he cannot get into any other club,
What a pity if only he were a little taller!

Belongs to best batch says the Don to me,
With Casper whom we cannot see,
And Randi who for SLIT he did fall,
One wonders if the batch was functional at all.

F or greener pastures the bigger cow did wander,
Leaving behind C.T., L.N., Surith and Sanil to ponder,
And AId who lost his manhood pride,
Is now shopping for it, to save his hide.

The former king and his deputy,
Along with the former court,
Joins the council with great anticipation,
Only to find that “thunge” has beaten them to it by a fraction.

The narrate of our land is ending,
Yet the civilisation continues flourishing,
Times are changing, with it new tides may come,
To an empire may it become.

Blue by day and black by night,
The skies above a heavenly sight.
God hath blest our heavens so vast,
Blue & black forever thou last.

The Blue, Black & Blue forever!

The wisest with the words have spoken!

Indika & Sudesh
Copyright. All rights reserved.

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