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Press Write-up for Tribal Craft 2004: 

TRIBAL CRAFT, an action activity based exhibition and theme park highlighting the facets of modern day scouting would be held on the 13th and 14th of February 2004 at S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia. Organised by the 16th Colombo Scout Troop of S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia with the participation of Scouts and Guides from throughout the country, Tribal Craft offers a ‘different experience’ with a theme park with rides and games, food stalls, scout craft exhibition stalls and many other action packed activities to visitors.

Special live demonstration shows will be conducted by the Special Task Force (STF) Commandos, The Sri Lanka Army, The Fire brigade and the St. Johns Ambulance Service.

The visitors are also in for a host of prizes and surprises and an enthralling fireworks display at Tribal Craft 2004.

Tribal Craft would include all facets of scouting and would be a spectacular event where Scout theme parks, display stalls, camp equipment, activities and a campfire would be presented to be experienced by the general public. It would also be a meeting place for Scouts, Cub Scouts, Rovers and Scout leaders, Girl Guides, parents, schoolboys, scouting enthusiasts and other interested parties. We expect a minimum of 5000 people to attend this two day exhibition which will be held on the 13th and 14th of February 2004 at the College premises. 

The theme park would include: an aerial runway, rope climbing, a monkey bridge, a rope swing, toddy tappers walk, cartwheels and other working models.

1. Model Campsite: The ideal Scout Campsite including a gateway, kitchen, tents and camp gadgets will be displayed.

2. Scout and Girl Guide Section: Scouts and Guides of participating schools will have their items on display.

3. Cub Scout Section: An Exhibition and demonstration by the Cub Scouts and Akelas of S. Thomas’ College.

4. Pioneering and Outdoors: An inter Troop tower building competition will be held during the Exhibition where the winners will walk off with valuable prizes. The Scouts’ outdoor skills will also be on display, as visitors would experience the likes of “Backwoods Cooking”.

5. Scout Theme Park: This consists of an obstacle course which will include a monkey bridge, an Ariel Runway, a Giant Wheel and many more theme park items.

6. Scout Museum: The History of World, Sri Lankan and Thomian Scouting will be exhibited. Scout memorabilia and the badge work scheme will also be amongst the display items.

7. First Aid Section: The Knowledge on First Aid, acquired by the Scouts will be put on display by means of practical sessions and display stalls. The St. John’s Ambulance Brigade will provide the Special sessions.

8. Campfire and Entertainment: The Traditional Scout Campfire, which will mark the closing of the two day Exhibition, will include various items by various Scout troops and Guide companies. A Special demonstration and display by the Police STF too will be shown during the Exhibition.

9. Scout IT Section: The Troop web site will be put on display. We hope to exhibit the design and computer animation capabilities of our Scouts through latest IT devices.



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