Extracts from the souvenir published for SAND STORM 1998:


The Renaissance of the 16th of Cities!

Once the coastal winds blew away,
The dark prince put his guard away,
Seeing the opportunity the lords joined their hands,
And banished the dark prince to the mountain lands.

Now with the dark prince out of the way,
The Lords needed a king for them to stay,
So they all gathered in the great court of honour,
And discussed about appointing another,
In the court were two great lands.

One three quarter and the other shorter,
Both of them wanted to be the one,
So in the end a vote they had,
At the end the short lord was in the high stand,
With his small head covered with a mighty crown,
As ritual he wanted a chief vizar,
So in rode the Tall Dark and Handsome Lord.

The 16th of cities was full of swords and shields,
And they were lying everywhere to be seen,
So to keep them guarded day and night,
The new king appointed the Black lord who was had to sight.

The Lords go Camping!

After winning the C.P.J. shield the lords were bored,
So they went to camp in the Pallekalle zone,
At camp they had nothing much to do,
Than eat, sleep and “oblix” to keep their cool.

On the 7th night the seniors announced war against the hierarchy,
and attacked their mighty tent the marquee,
Alas! When one tall, one short, one dark and one fair Lord
came out;
The seniors planned not to hang out;
The musketeers four started attacking to and fro,
On their way they found lord Sala on the floor,
When the tall musketeer told him kneel down,
All Sala managed to say was “Right Now!!!”

The Lord’s Cook It Out in Style!

With a year gone by and nothing to do,
The lords cooked it out again with three sister hoods,
The lords made the sisters cook and clean,
While they enjoyed a hearty meal.

The Sinking of Titanic

After thanking the sisters’ for their hearty meal,
The lord decided to give them a treat,
So in the College “Boiler Room”,
They showed Titanic and got themselves lot of loot…

Doing the same thing made the lords bored to death,
Until someone came up with an idea so great,
Shall we join up with some sisterhood?
And the 23rd of cities looked so good!

An Introduction to the Sand Storm Crew! The Chief Vizor’s Log Entries MCMXCVIII

“I am the best artist of all time” says this speko lady,
Who goes all over the place with an old diary;
We should never forget that she’s doing her A/L exams,
And therefore never misses a single tuition class…
(Hint! hint!)

There is this aged lord who tries to show that he’s the best,
But to tell you the truth he’s worse than the rest,
He spent his time and money on a byt on a four year span,
And in the end was left with a huge V.V. boot in his hand…

The chubby fair lord had this thing for the colour pink,
And if I go to comment on it I’ll be extinct,
However his feelings towards his long haired friend a secret he kept,
But the glittering farewell present he got her made,
Everybody know how he felt…

This maiden wanted her poem the way she wanted,
Cause she knew very well that she’s gonna get slaughtered,
She wanted me to write about the way she sang on a chair,
So here you are, cause what the heck do I care.

The king of the city was indeed shorter,
So he bought himself a pair of shoes to make him look taller;
He always fancied the letter “0”,
Which was proved by all means in a party photo…

Now there is a fair lord in the 16th of cities,
who would have fitted better in the sister city.
Though he iced on his work most of the time,
He kept the lords busy in their leisure time…

Super-fax is my game and infotel is my place,
Where this maiden was found surfing with someone in cyber space,
Since she’s protected keep your distance,
Or might as well say “Sayonara” to your existence…

The black lord who was hard to sight,
Fell for a woman and it was love at first-sight,
He plans to keep his feelings a secret for a two year span as he is shy,
By this time the maiden would have tied the knot with some other guy…

A little lord the horsy picked;
The eleven lords had her ticked,
More and more the lady kicked,
she realized that she was licked…

The horsy lady’s sibling came,
For “Royal” treatment she was game,
Thora’s attention far from gotten,
And So Second Best for her, oh life is rotten.

The sound of leather on willow makes her freeze,
Specially when someone comes to the crease,
Though she’s the first aider she knows nothing much,
As she gives “digene” for a pain in the mouth…

One of the lords who belonged in the seniors’ tent,
Made it a point to sleep in some other tent,
He had mighty fun in the V.V. horror house,
When he got slapped by a byt left and right.

Now lord Sala who was timid as a rabbit,
Was scared of even a frog’s gibbet,
All he ever did was flirt and run,
Or swim in the pool with no clothes on.

Named after a cow that was happy and gay,
This gentle lord would eat anything including hay,
One evening at a science tuition class,
Nature called him which made everybody laugh.

Now the lord who was in charge of music and lights thought that he was it but in,
reality he was indeed a poor sight,
I’ve known this chap for quite for some time,
But never have I come across a byt that he liked.

There’s a dark maiden in the 23rd state,
Who yaps a lot with the big gap in her face,
She seems to be a strict type of lady,
Who loves fixing other peoples pottery.

Though this lord was named after a singer,
Thank god! He’ll never even come near,
All he ever does is play fiddles on the roof,
Or stroll in the evening down the Malwatte route.

Now the yappy dark maiden had a sibling of its same origin,
Who tried to dance ballet which is really boring,
Once at a party she fell for a fair speko fellow,
Only to get to know that he was one year below.

There is a lord who lost a quarter by birth,
He is foolish by nature and stupid as ever,
his lifelong dream was to ride a motor bike,
With a ninja woman behind him holding him tight.

Hockey player by day and dance maniac by night,
This maiden who resembles scary spice is wacky all right,
She also likes to row down the Beira Lake,
Or to take a dip in it during break…

There is this maiden who resembles scare crow in a field of paddy,
Whose hair seems to be the heaviest part of her entire body,
If you would imagine this lady with her hair hanging down a balcony,
You could also picture our three quarter lord hanging on to it for on eternity.

There is also a lord from the Mirihana town,
Who goes all over the place with his siba tag on,
He boasts that he can do this and that,
But the truth is that he can’t even use the toilet without wetting his slacks.

In the 16th city were two good lords,
One really fat and the other a skinny one,
each one was the opposite of the other,
The skinny one was goody two shoes and the other is a nasty old brat.

The deputy being short and sweet;
thinks platform shoes are really neat;
Where she is napping nobody knows,
To tuition is where she always goes!

Leave decorations to me said she,
With the Beira crowd manners in her head,
But the Thoras stink you see said she,
So don’t go sticking your nose everywhere lord said to thee.

There are six small boys who calls themselves the set-fit gang,
Who makes it a point to talk in utter slang,
Whatever they did ended in deep mess,
And always ended in the seniors’ mess.

There six old lords who got banished from the seniors’ land,
‘cause they were too old to keep up with the rest of the gang;
Veg malla, bone Diyya, heating Pasan, bald-D and Grandpa Suri,
They were called never did they work as iced them all.

This fair maiden who has a face of a baby,
Is so bright that the teachers have to wear sunglasses in class daily,
She tries her best to swim in the S.S.C. pool,
After gulping a whole morawaka medito bottle in two or three spoons.

Now the lord in charge of the finance plan,
Has spent some time on the proposal stand,
He tried his luck at the costal winds masquerade,
When super girl from V.V. came along and made his day.

For all those people who are not in here,
Too bad there’s nothing much to tell or hear,
Except for those who have boys really tall;
Needless to say that they are really small.

I have spoken!
The DonMan
Chief vizar for the
Tribe of the Evening Star!

What the others had to say about the “DonMan”

This oversized ape who wanted to be called Don,
Recently ventured to the land Nippon.
Though he thought he could turn girls on,
He could only turn them on the colourful porns.

This so called lord who dreamt at a short haired bit,
Who would be tall and dressed in a black leather kit,
And would ignore his bad breath and next to him will sit,
Too bad the baboon headed Gurate couldn’t find anyone to fit…

To a party he went and said “will you dance with handsome me”,
She said “I’m sorry I can’t dance and laugh you see”,
He tried and tried to the one at …………………..
After he was dumped in style by the one at Huchasdevi.

To the Jamboree 1998 he did go,
And met a lass who could tolerate the big bore,
But when talking guess what broke and tore,
She saw the trouser even though he hid behind the bathroom door.

At camp long long ago when the Don wasn’t tall,
To a toilet pit he did fall,
He still says he didn’t fall to the pit,
But we saw him covered in Sh….

The lords at the 16th Banished all traitors to other lands,
Like we chased the dark prince of “R” as he Ran,
Though you are 6′ 2-1/2″ don’t think you’re the ladies man,
Beware! we may reveal your dealings with the people at the bus stand.

We will reveal more for now it’s enough,
This is just the beginning wait till you see the sticky stuff,
So shut up before we get really tough,
And think what a foolish way you wanted other to laugh…


A Guide Poem

Being a guide is such fun,
Dancing and singing beneath the sun,
Duties and obligations we have to fulfil ,
But to play and have fan we have time still…

Camping we always enjoy,
To have cookouts Oh! Boy,
Doing everything on our own,
Our knowledge and experience have grown.

Some clean bathrooms in their sleep,
While others are determined to feed “kunu” leeks,
The morning finds toothpaste on your face,
Your belongings go missing Oh! what a case…

How nutty is a camp you may wonder,
The grip on our sanity is very slender,
The light of the campfire is warm and bright,
As we sing and dance through the night.

And the scouts who join us have lots of fun (much to the delight of some people concerned),
While we sit round the fire in the setting sun,
Challenges and tests enrich our minds,
With knowledge and experience hard to find.

Although we may not triumph at first,
In the end it always brings out the best,
Sometimes it takes you to the library ten times a day;
And puts our clear captain’s sanity away…

In our life let’s leave a passage;
To spread the guiding message…

Vindya, Sunimal & Uditha