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coastal winds


Extracts from the souvenir published for COASTAL WINDS 1997:


A Kingdom-at-War


Long long ago in a far off time,
There was a land with much treachery and crime,
The Sixteenth of cities, near a sea shore lay…
Where all the brothers (of the brotherhood) of the land were;
happy and gay…

Now in this land of the Sixteenth city,
Ruled a dark prince, his lord and deity.
As the dark prince of sat on his throne;
Towards his subjects compassion and pity was shown,
He said to his lords “I’ll do what I should”…
So he sent his ambassador to bring in the sisterhood,
The sisters despised him, from him their distance kept,
But the lords of the city with contempt slept.

The lords played the ‘Rhythms’ fine,
Now the sisterhood was ready to dine,
Sounds of joy the prince did make.
And swore no more hands that he shall shake;

The battle of ‘The Wave’,
Now they needed a plan to get the sisterhood in,
But the evil one’s rumours spread of possible sin,
As the lords tried to keep the sister in their land at night,
At High School the evil one’s gave all a fright…

So lords with their heads hung low,
With the royal ball a flop, the evil ones were made happy to know,
During the night of loneliness,
A film of colour from the lords made a mess,
That very day the prince found his need to baffle,
When the Lady sister refused to eat pineapple,
She disapproved of the lunch at ‘The Wave’…
The prince to satisfy his ‘Ladies’ taste, pastries and stuff he
bought and gave.

The battle of the cooks,
Out of all the sisters in the hood,
Two sister schools above the rest they stood,
Entranced may be for their beauty and sultry,
The lords did invite them to cook it out in their country.

The lords made them cook: and work to kill,
At the end of the day they had their fill;
Being a dirty cook was worth winning the prize,
So the dark prince of R to the occasion did rise…
Pocahontas has her day,
Things went fine hail and hearty,
Till one day the prince visited a party,
Dancing and shouting as loud as he can,
After trying his best he broke a fan,
The court camps out…

Now the lords they planned on the annual camp in the city,
Built a mighty tower to make their camp site pretty,
The mighty tower took the shape of an escalator,
And was named after the Mused sister orders leader and major (actually sergeant),
Like an Amazon Queen she kept her fellow sisters barred,
She was a sibling to the previous leader none other than the “Container yard”;
Finally the towers machine and visor,
Was christened and named the “Lon thalizer”…

Prep for the camp was coming around;
When Frankenstein’s lab assistant started making a sound brought in by the Bishop who embezzles the cash,
But by the brotherhood this assistant was trashed,
To the camp in the city the sisters all came that way.

The lord seemed bored they had nothing to say;
Things heated up at Lunch finally,
When a sister almost choked on green chillies,
Meanwhile the sisters of the Ladies order,
Found the Sixteenth camp and crossed the border;
The line was thin coz they thought they were it.

The lords took a stand and wanted them to split;
Sorry said the lords with a curious cough ignoring their advances,
The lords packed them off…

Back to the vain land from where they had come,
Punishment for the misdeeds they had done,
The dark prince of R. declares war over the lords…

There was the lord of the ‘T’ & ‘L’,
Iced his duties really well,
Along came a Knight in his Homy van,
The now jobless ‘tee-el’ ended a programme man,
Now the royal knight with a proposal stand,
To one of the sisters in the V.V. Land,
But the knight’s heart was broken too much but not few,
When his bride to be said “Don’t call me, we’ll see; when I
call you”…

From the day of the Wave using the calling card,
Gave calls to the sister named the “Container Yard”,
The Container Yard was bound to her star crossed fate,
Her boyfriend was not seen and unknown till quite late,
Her heart was divided with love and envy,
That she could not have the fair lord Senevi;
Lord Senevi once a keeper of the castle key,
Had a fair brother pink was his colour to see,
At Rhythms it was just pink jeans,
But it appeared in his bike by all means…

Peter Peter the pussy cat eater,
Had a girl and tried to keep her,
But the dinner girl had her say,
With the prince (the dark one) exchanged words, flies and roaches one day
This fair lord who travelled to the Malay land,
The skinflint only gave chewing gum to every lords hand,
This restless lord didn’t just know how;
To ask this sister on a ‘Day’ went on her knees as milk cow,
This ‘Bigfooted’ lord whose cholesterol has won a fair victory,
loots all his XXL clothes from his father’s rug factory…

Huchasdevi were the sisters at music class,
Where to every sister he made a pass,
There were the lords who refused to cross the border,
Brotherhood was good, better than the sister order,
They were Known as the Musketeers three,
one Daiya, Stinking Passa and the elusive short D
(bro of the pussy eater)…

The Back-ward lord was dark as night,
Always a nice fellow but hard to sight,
Has problem with sisters in a French class,
Quality control is his level that’s hard to pass,
A ‘row’dy chap living in the poor forty second shed;
Leave my maid alone or else he said,
Daiya who was heading along a dangerous course,
Asked her to send the army at ‘Thilaka’ with all its force,
Thus ended the dark prince’s attack;
Defence lines were thin so he had to move back,
The lords going great guns,
Chases the dark prince as he runs…

What the others had to say about the (so called) Prince of R

In the 16th of cities lived an ugly creature,
Eternal joblessness being his only feature,
His appearance was quite of primitive nature,
The self-proclaimed prince of R, the cities only traitor…

A traitor indeed he was to his fellow mates,
By writing a poem he displayed his nature insane,
Naming himself the prince of R. for his own sake,
Little realizing that he was putting his fame at stake (if he had any)…

In ‘HIS’ poem he is the best,
In truth he’s far behind the rest,
This beast on his bike is always a mess,
Coz self-respect he never did possess…

At a fair of Rhythms by the guides,
A crush on a lass left in his face a smile,
A rose he gave from garbage pile,
She said “Get real you are definitely out of style”…

Since his birth he was quite insane,
Putting others in jeopardy was his dirty game,
Always at a club down de Saram lane,
Or something in a drain down Kawdana lane,
The prince of R with no aim in life;
Because of his inability, will never have a named life,
Humiliation being his only pride,
‘So come on Ravin, “Get a life!”,
(It’s payback time)…


Farewell Sir!

You taught us, the meaning of small things,
You taught us, that moments are precious,
You taught us that mistakes happen,
And mostly you were there when we needed you…

Death the ultimate fear;
has played yet another mean trick on us by taking you away sir!
From our sides in life,
With unconditional love, admiration and respect,
And with patience and tolerance,
Your passing was peaceful and un-agonizing,
Like the breaking of the day at dawn,
As we know that you will be repaid;
for the good you did to this pathetic old world…

Mr Victor, we thank you sir!
For being the good man you lived up to be…

Though we bade goodbye to you,
Never should we ever doubt,
That the name “Mr. Victor” will be ever forgotten,
For there will be a special place in our hearts for him till eternity…

Thusitha A.