In the month of April, while most people were happily preparing for the New Year and for the dawn of Easter, The Scouts of 16th Colombo were busy preparing for a journey. A journey that would take them into the heart of Nuwara Eliya to a campsite simply known as ‘Pedro’. Commencing on the 23rd of April and ending on the 27th, this camp did a lasting change on all who attended it.

Working on the theme, ‘World War 3.2’ the prime objective of this camp was to change the lives of the Junior Scouts. Giving up 5 days of their April holidays to attend this camp, these Scouts were able to witness a change in their lives. Many changes were added to the basic camp activities like the Night Game, Treasure Hunt, Obstacle Course and Night Mission in the hope of revealing a new camp experience and the camp program also consisted of new activities like the ‘Chain of Games’.

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